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Learning to See Clearly

Sometimes we discover our greatest opportunities when we learn to sacrifice our immediate desires in order to follow our intuition. A big part of this is learning to move with the ebbs and flows of life and stop trying to control that which we have no control over, or that which only causes us pain and frustration when we try and control it. It means letting go and moving forward despite the pain and discomfort of the unpracticed and unfamiliar. Continually searching for new opportunities and embracing them when they pass our way.

I learned to see more clearly this weekend as I rose above the smog covering Salt Lake Valley at the expense of a few hours of sleep. I desperately wanted to sleep in that morning, having not slept well the previous few nights, but knew within me that there was something beautiful just a few miles away above the gloomy smog cover that suffocated the valley. The pillow offered a persuasive argument. But I have learned over the years that the best approach to what I will call “anti-intuitivism” is to train your body to act separate from the mind, so that while my mind is busy holding the sleep argument, my body, pre-programed by intuition, is up packing camera gear and loading the truck until the mind finally realizes what is going on and relents.

And so I followed my intuition to the top of Grandeur Peak enjoying clarity of thought, and the stillness of the pre-dawn through moonlit forests as I wandered alone up the mountain. I wondered why it had never occurred to me before that I could squeeze in a weekend hike and still meet the responsibilities of the day, but simply waking up a few hours early. The higher I rose the more the air cleared and my mind focused. And just as the light began to appear I cleared the final ridge of the mountain and was opened to a spectacular view.

Smog over Salt Lake Valley at dawn
Dead tree over morning smog

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