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Exploring the Urban Jungle

Can a small town boy find comfort and fascination in a big city, or is such a person doomed to awkward discomfort because they are not a “city person”, they are not in their “element”? How limiting it is when we pre-define ourselves and our experiences and approach new situations and experiences with hesitation and negative predictions of how our experience will be. We may find that we can enjoy the city as much as we enjoy the wilderness, that we can enjoy this present moment in a human constructed environment as much as we can enjoy the present moment on top of the highest peak, or at the foot of a wildflower adorned mountain, or in the quiet stillness of an old growth forest.

Wandering the outdoor hallways of downtown Seattle I allowed myself to let go of my preconceptions of the big city stereotypes and discoveredĀ amidstĀ the noise, hustle and bustle, and combination of smells interweaving themselves from thriving small businesses, a quietness, beauty, and awesome sense of wonder and appreciation that I had, before that moment, not yet experienced in the big city. May we each appreciate the present moment to its fullest extent.

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