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Mommy Time

By June 21, 2013People

One of the great things about having a two year old is the way they force you (if you open your heart, your busy schedule, and turn off your mobile device or computer) to rediscover the world that you have been conditioned to ignore in the name of “more important” things. One of those things that we adults have forgotten is what it is like to have no concept of time. To forget about where we’ve been and where we need to be next and to completely and utterly lose ourselves in the moment. To measure our lives not by a clock that measures hours, minutes, and seconds, but to attach to our heart a clock that invites us to measure time in moments experienced. I suppose that is why photography is such a powerful thing. It captures moments in a very exploratory, child-like way that we can all in one way or another relate to.


  • Susan Struve says:

    Brandon, my sister and I met you in Sedona last week. We were from Logan. I wanted to ask you if you were any relation to Paul Kowallis in Grace, Idaho. He’s our cousin, a scientist.

    We looked up your website about Main Drain Cave. Loved it and loved the pictures of your daughter.

  • Hi Susan,

    Thanks! Paul isn’t an immediate relation, but I’m sure if you go back a few generations he is related though my great or great great grandfather.


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