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Sidewalk Lines

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Obstacles made for entertaining the eyes of the bored, lonely eyes, troubled eyes, thoughtful eyes. Stress day distractions for the passerby thinking, don’t look this passing fellow in the eyes. Horizontal canyons in miniature as I walk moving like the frames of film passing memories and imagination. Activating thoughts of times passed by like the trees to each side of me as I walk. A visible metronome ticking with my pace rhythm of imagination’s song unraveling from my mind. A song only I can sing.

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Yellowstone Geyser

Getting More Out of My Days

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Today my thoughts, words, and actions are my choice, To wander aimlessly t’ward every thing that vehemently demands my attention, Or to face my challenges like water; immune to impact, adaptable to change, and always focused toward finding that path that leads toward that great calm body I’ll experience moments good and bad in complete presence of mind. A bright light in the fog that flows fluidly around obstacles whose material illusion is nothing.

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Creating Goals Worth Pursuing

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If we are truly interested in achieving our dreams and expanding our ability to make a difference in the world with what we do then we have to make time to make this happen RIGHT NOW. So grab a paper and pencil and get ready to start something amazing. No matter how busy you think you are, you have the ability to make time. The world will still exist tomorrow if you don’t do whatever “busy” to-do item you think is so critical today. Systems can be over-ridden to make exceptions, deadlines adjusted, impatient people will eventually calm down, law suits…

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8 Questions You Should Ask Yourself About Social Media

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About three years ago I decided to say adieu to my facebook page. I almost went to the extreme of deleting my account, but decided that perhaps down the road I might find some use in it. I went almost two yeas without logging into my account and then one day figured what they hey and logged back in, luckily, with a completely different perspective than I began with two years prior. Below are the questions that inspired my leave of abscense and my own personal asnwers at the time. How do I feel when I am using social media? I…

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Beyond the Basics | 6 Ways to Improve Your Cave Photography

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#1 It’s Not Your Camera The first thing to realize is that when your cave images don’t turn out, it has nothing to do with your camera. It has everything to do with your understanding of light, composition, and how to use the technical components of your camera to creatively communicate your experience underground. A great cave photographer can take a $5000 camera and a $100 camera and create the same amazing shot. If your camera isn’t taking very good pictures it’s probably not a mechanical issue. There is an urban legend out there, a story of painter Pablo Picasso,…

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Nevada Darkness

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There is something about the awesome power of light and it’s ability to pierce through the darkness in the most tender yet dramatic ways. Perhaps it is that power that drives me underground and that motivates me to sit for hours under a starlit sky listening quiet undulations of my own breath, the drone of my heart, the howl of distant and not so distant coyotes, and the gentle yet persistent shush of the wind. Or maybe it’s just insanity. Either way it is a very pleasant place to be.

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While You Were Watching TV

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In a way it’s sad what has become of the late afternoons. Work’s over, dishes are clean, and the streets are silent. In fact the only sign of life, some days in suburban America, is the flickering blue light emanating from the living room windows of the homes along the street. A light made up of millions of tiny pixels emanating red, green, and blue light to form a rapid succession of still images that create an illusion of movement that mesmerizes and stimulates those watching them into an excited state of mindless stupor, distracting intelligence and focus. And as…

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There is something strangely comforting about being surrounded by large human crafted cement and metal structures and lots of people. Which is an odd thing for me to say as an recovering introvert who would prefer to spend his time isolated in the middle of the wilderness, photographing the landscape, or just shooting the breeze around the campfire with a small handful of good friends. Yet my recent visit the windy city evoked in me something familiar. It wasn’t the fact that I had been there before. I grew up in Illinois and visited Chicago several times (I was even…

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Mommy Time

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One of the great things about having a two year old is the way they force you (if you open your heart, your busy schedule, and turn off your mobile device or computer) to rediscover the world that you have been conditioned to ignore in the name of “more important” things. One of those things that we adults have forgotten is what it is like to have no concept of time. To forget about where we’ve been and where we need to be next and to completely and utterly lose ourselves in the moment. To measure our lives not by…

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Exploring the Urban Jungle

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Can a small town boy find comfort and fascination in a big city, or is such a person doomed to awkward discomfort because they are not a “city person”, they are not in their “element”? How limiting it is when we pre-define ourselves and our experiences and approach new situations and experiences with hesitation and negative predictions of how our experience will be. We may find that we can enjoy the city as much as we enjoy the wilderness, that we can enjoy this present moment in a human constructed environment as much as we can enjoy the present moment…

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