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Nevada Darkness

By | Caving, Nature, Observations | No Comments

There is something about the awesome power of light and it’s ability to pierce through the darkness in the most tender yet dramatic ways. Perhaps it is that power that drives me underground and that motivates me to sit for hours under a starlit sky listening quiet undulations of my own breath, the drone of my heart, the howl of distant and not so distant coyotes, and the gentle yet persistent shush of the wind. Or maybe it’s just insanity. Either way it is a very pleasant place to be.

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While You Were Watching TV

By | Nature | 2 Comments

In a way it’s sad what has become of the late afternoons. Work’s over, dishes are clean, and the streets are silent. In fact the only sign of life, some days in suburban America, is the flickering blue light emanating from the living room windows of the homes along the street. A light made up of millions of tiny pixels emanating red, green, and blue light to form a rapid succession of still images that create an illusion of movement that mesmerizes and stimulates those watching them into an excited state of mindless stupor, distracting intelligence and focus. And as…

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